SCHAEFER ATTORNEYS, CONVEYANCERS AND NOTARIES, situated at 182 Cape Road, Mill Park (Tel no. 041 3730186/7; cell no. 0827818384), was established on 1 February 1999 when Morne and Tania Schaefer, a husband and wife team, commenced their successful journey.

They quickly grew as a Legal Company of legendary commitment to their clients. They intuitively realised that their strength lay in their love for properties and shifted their concentration to the Conveyancing of properties and the registration of bonds. Shortly after the opening of their practice they became part of an era that produced huge opportunities in the property market.

Through their diligence they quickly gained the trust of estate agents, the major financial institutions, the public in general and property developers who instructed them to attend to all legal work regarding the preparation and finalisation of the Opening of Sectional Title Registers, Hybrid Schemes and the registrations of the units in the schemes to the individual purchasers.
For five years they have also been actively involved as Developers. Schaefer Attorneys has a strong professional team consisting of four Conveyancers/ Attorneys/Notaries and a panel of highly competent, well-trained Conveyancing assistants most of them trained in-house from day one. These businessmen of integrity believe in a hands-on approach with their clients and will always make sure that they do not grow too big to lose the ‘family feeling’ that is so important, especially since they are dealing with the single most important asset which the average person will buy or sell which is their house. Morne and Tania are at ease with their clients who are welcome to contact them at any time for advice and assistance.

You are invited today to contact any of our attorneys for a personal consultation and advice on any conveyancing or development matter and

Morne Schaefer: Director / Attorney
082 781 8384

Morne was born in PE, studied at UPE (now NMMU) and received his B Juris-LLB degree in 1995. Morne supported himself financially during his student years by working at various casual jobs whereby he learned how to manage his finances and to be self-dependent.

He has always been a good athlete and as a sportsman understands and appreciates competiveness. He understands the concept of success being the end result of hard work and dedication.


Being a Full Lieutenant of the South African Defence Force, discipline has been the key to Morne’s winning ideas.

Morne established Schaefer Attorneys in 1999 together with his wife Tania Schaefer.

He has practiced in various field of the law before finding his niche in 2003 when, as property Developer in PE, he commenced to invest in properties as well. Morne and his wife Tania has managed to build an impressive property portfolio and are daily involved in the property market. This helped him to understand the dynamics of the ever changing property business and the registration process of properties and bonds.

With Morne’s excellent negotiation skills and his ability to fully understand the needs of his clients Morne has managed to won the trust of his clients during the years which has enabled him as Director of Schaefer Attorneys to ensure the smooth registration of thousands of property deals and bonds.

Morne is constantly further enhancing his knowledge on properties and investment opportunities and has a huge networking base in and around SA in the property market.

Tania Schaefer: Director / Attorney / Conveyancer / Notar
082 487 2263

Tania was born in PE , studied at UPE (Now NMMU) and received her B Juris-LLB degrees in 1995. Tania has always been academically orientated and since High School has won various merit awards.

She earned the highest scores for her Conveyancing qualifications in 1998 and in 2010 she earned the highest scores for her Notary Public qualifications. This dedication is evident in her skills as Property Attorney.


Tania is a perfectionist and strives on fulfilling her clients property needs. Every property transaction in the hands of Schaefer Attorneys are personally overseen by her as the senior Conveyancer. Various property Developers has trusted their development schemes in her capable hands.

As Notary Public she loves preparing marriage contracts for her clients. Tania’s commitment to performance has granted Schaefer Attorneys excellent records with the various Banks in the registration of bonds.

Together with her husband Morne Schaefer she established Schaefer Attorneys in 1999 and since 2003 she and Morne have also been building on their own property portfolio. Being personally involved in the property market has earned her the ability to understand her clients’ needs during a property transaction

Marisa Muller: Attorney and Notary Public (LLB)
082 487 2263

Marisa obtained her LLB degree at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2013 where after she commen her career as a Candidate Attorney. She worked mainly in litigation and started specialising in Family Law matters. She always had an interest in the property process and knew that was what she is going to pursue after being admitted as an Attorney. She was admitted as an Attorney and Notary Public in April 2016.

She started working at Schaefer Incorporated in May 2016 where she started to gain specialised knowledge in Property Law. She mainly assists clients with the signing of all their relevant documentation and ensures everyone’s happiness through the process of the transferring of their property. She still practice in Family law as well, but focusses mainly on Divorces and the drafting and Notarising of Antenuptial Contracts.
Micaela de Sousa: Candidate Attorney (LLB)
082 487 2263

Micaela matriculated at Pearson High School in 2010. She completed her LLB degree at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, where she supported herself financially through various part time jobs. Micaela joined Schaefer Attorneys in 2017, as a candidate attorney.

She has always been a perseverant person, be it in her academics, professional or sports life. She embraces challenges with open arms and is always hungry to learn. Her motto in life is; “Believe to achieve”.